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Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

This has been a difficult year for everyone. Money seems to dictate everything. How we live, where we live, what we do, where we go, and what we eat. Less money indicates that our lifestyle diminishes. But what money can never do is decide who we are. That is decided by what we fill our minds and souls with, whether it be mental “health” food or “junk” food.

Publishing is greatly affected by the economic troubles we have seen. Signs of recovery are now on the horizon, but who knows if and when we will ever spend like we once did.

Maybe we shouldn’t.

But one thing is holding steady. People are still buying books. They may be more selective in their purchases, but they are still buying books. Don’t get me wrong. There are no records being set in publishing, but staying the course is the clarion call that is going forth. Book buyers are, however, hungry for good books. They don’t care about the price or the page count. They want substance.

But serious readers look deeper; they want more. This spring, we have books on Thomas Jefferson, Paul Tillich, Emily Chubbick Judson, Herman Melville, Søren Kierkegaard, Shakespeare’s King Lear, three legendary religious figures, Georgia cowboy poets, the Civil War, torture, and a memoir by Sam Pickering that will make you laugh, cry, and search your soul.

As a university press we do not exist to serve junk food. We serve food for the mind that enriches all of us as individuals and as a society.

These are tough times and we need well-fed minds to help us get through.

Enjoy the buffet.
Marc Jolley

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