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Book asks ‘Is God a Christian?’

Dr. Kirby Godsey’s latest book, Is God a Christian? was recently discussed in Bob Allen’s column on the Associated Baptist Press website:  His new book tackles the interfaith challenge and is being met with controversy similar to his 1996 book When We Talk About God…: Let’s Be Honest .

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, head of the Interfaith Alliance and host of the State of Belief radio program interviewed Dr. Godsey on his July 9th program: “The reality is — as I talk about later in the book — God is not a Christian,” Godsey said in the radio interview. “God is not a Jew. God is not a Muslim. God is above all our religious gods.”

“There is literally a mountain of bad religion out there in the world,” Godsey said. “People are maiming and killing, destroying other human beings in the name of God and Allah and Yaweh, so I am concerned that religion is being used for unholy, even evil, purposes. We need to save religion, if you will, from the group of those that want to use it for evil purposes.”

“God is present and loves and accepts and embraces all people of the earth. We need to learn to do so as well.”

Is God a Christian?

Dr. Kirby Godsey

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