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Congratulations to our Georgia Author of the Year Award Winners

Congratulations to our 48th Annual Georgia Author of the Year Award Winners who were presented their awards Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Kennesaw State University.  Mercer Press staff traveled to Kennesaw to enjoy dinner and the awards ceremony.  Giveaways on each table in honor of Ferrol Sams were donated by the Press and those patrons who found the gold GAYA seal on their chair took home a free book.  A great night for all the winners and for Mercer University Press!

Ferrol Sams—Lifetime Achievement Award

Jaclyn Weldon White—Georgia Author of the Year—Biography

Ed Grisamore—Georgia Author of the Year—Essays

Terry Kay—Georgia Author of the Year—Short Stories

Terry Kay—Finalist—Fiction

Georgia Writers Association

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